Interactive Statistical Profiles

These are data profiles for East Ayrshire and its geographic areas:

  • its three Health & Social Care Localities and
  • its nine multi-member ward areas.

In order to provide like-for-like comparisons between these areas, a combination of official statistics and local intelligence is used.

All of the data published here should be considered 'open' and is free to access (without application or registration), and to use or re-use in any lawful way based on the open government licence, which can be viewed here. Publication will be in line with the Government's star three standard as a minimum

Population and households

This section contains population estimates and projections, estimated and projected household numbers, and some household demographic information.

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Economy and Skills

This section contains information about economic activity (including unemployment), qualifications, low income and child poverty.

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This section contains information about safety (including fires and crime), internet and car access, and people's feelings about their community.

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This section contains a range of health and wellbeing information, from birth and early childhood to adulthood, including carers and hospital admissions.

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